Tenuta di Canneto (Comune di San Miniato Pisa)

Along the road from San Miniato to Castelfiorentino, on a hill peak is where Canneto is located, a big, old and charming Estate (Feudo).
Canneto shows a deep and important rural past, where all the activities were done for the estate needs.
The landscape around Canneto is beautiful: vineyards, olive oil trees and cypress trees surround all the estate, creating a magnificent landscape.


Canneto in Val d’ ELSA, three Tuscan miles “a Grecale-Levante” (East-South East) exposure from San Miniato, was founded in Anno Domini 780 by the noble fathers of the Badia di San Savino.
Castello di Canneto was further built in 1369 and since then, have been conquered and lost several times by Firenze, because of the local riots that happened in the San Miniato area during the past centuries.
Close by San Giorgio a Canneto, the church of the village, there is a Villa owned in the past by Conti Bardi for a long time.
The estate of Canneto reach the left “ripa” of the Elsa river (river bank) in a place called Mulino Nuovo.

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