Torre Matilde

It is from the bet to produce great wines in San Miniato di Pisa, which begins the work of Torre Matilde, through the reorganization of vines and vineyards of the Fattoria il Canneto, from 1600 located in one of the most suggestive hilly areas of the middle-upper Tuscany, with 15 ha. of vineyards planted with Sangiovese, Merlot, Colorino and Vermentino, within a historic estate of more than 300 ha, immersed in the beautiful hills between Florence and Pisa.

Lands full of marine fossils and vegetable fragments that sometimes show up light and sandy, sometimes dark and clayey, where the best vineyards and wines of the area born.
In the past, on these lands, the sea had retired leaving to its hills and territory a merger between mother Earth and marine sands which even today bring to light fossil remains, such as marine shells and crabs, as a consequence of erosive effects.

Country that hides roman – etruscan origins and hosted emperors sach as Federico Barbarossa as well as three Supreme Pontiffs and where San Francesco d’Assisi founded the historical and monumental convent.

San Miniato is one leg of Sigerico’s return journey to Canterbury, becoming thus one of the historical station of Via Francigena. The ancient medieval road that led the pilgrims to Rome, passes through Tuscany from Passo della Cisa to Ponte a Rigo near Radicofani.